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Terror Magenta


It’s been on my mind, really bothering me…. that although in no way can I condone the “terrorist” attacks on America; they’re deeply brutal, frightening, and wrong. BUT…. How can we blow up the San Bernadino attack by these 2 radical jihadists into “the worst terrorist attack on America since 9/11”?

Well, ok, 14 people were killed in a small, insular California community. Not good. Brutal, sad, and scary.

But there was Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon well before it. And… it’s not the 3000 victims killed like at the World Trade Center in 2001.

And…. at least as importantly… what about Sandy Hook? And Gaby Giffords? And James Brady? And JFK? And RFK? And MLK? And ALL the shootings that non-Islamist shooters and non-Islamic “terrorists” have perpetrated on our gun-toting, uber-violent society ever since the West was won with gun powder and six guns and rifles and bombs and our “might makes right” American military mentality, imposed on all those weaker than ourselves… Only then transposed to any angry, hurt, psychotic individual with a gun, who can shoot whoever the fuck they want to in our society…. because of some 2nd Amendment bullshit and the NRA’s paid-for political ability to keep guns in the hands of any loco yahoo who wants to shoot deer or moose or their brother, or neighbor, or wife, or enemy just because… They can. And… look out…. they have a gun.

The percentage of jihadist “terrorist” attacks and consequent American deaths are minuscule compared to the almost nameless lists of shameful deaths piled up on American soil by non-Islamist, Mr. Trump, non “terrorist” AMERICANS firing their own guns at whoever the fuck they want to.


Change the gun laws, Congress men and women! Take guns out of Americans’ hands…. before you lock out or herd up every American Muslim and make them all into the scapegoat for America’s drone program and its brutal collateral damage, which has not only killed THOUSANDS of Muslims (not 14!) — in their own country — but has simultaneously radicalized the children of the victims into hating America…. trying, by any means they have, to swing back in anger at the American Goliath, who is becoming more and more hated around the entire planet, day by day, especially, of course, in Islamist countries, and unfortunately, more and more, in the West itself.

How do we combat the jihadist terror? Eliminate ISIS? Reverse the “clash of civilizations”? I wish I knew. But the unsolvable Middle East malady has spread to the front pages of American soil….

All I can say, as we do in my tribe, is a frustrated and bewildered “OY!!!”

Do you feel me? Or at least understand me?

What do u think?

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