eric trules

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Workshops & Residencies in the following:

SOLO PERFORMANCE – the writing and performing of autobiographical theatre monologues

IMPROVISATION & THEATRE GAMES – freeing up the mind and body with exercises & games

PERSONAL VOICE FILM/VIDEO MAKING – Writing, shooting, & editing short-form autobiographical films on Digital Video


  1. on 40 years of Contemporary Art in America (1965 – 2005)
  2. THE POET AND THE CON – a feature-length autobiographical documentary film on Trules’ relationship with his uncle, a career criminal (
  3. World Travel: to the MidEast, Mexico, Southeast Asia, South America, Scandinavia, & more (
  4. 1-2 hour motivational talk on "finding your own voice", "thinking and living outside the box", and/or "taking the road less traveled".
    – appropriate for college campuses, corporate trainings, and any place people want to stretch and discover their creative potential!

Professor Eric Trules, a 20-year faculty member of the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, is a 2002 American Fulbright Scholar. He has traveled the world as an artist-educator, performing his solo work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, premiering his documentary film "The Poet and the Con" in Nyon, Switzerland, and teaching self-expression & creativity world-wide, including 8 months in Malaysia. He has been a director & producer of film & theatre, a screenwriter & filmmaker in Hollywood, a poet, modern dancer, & clown. In July, 2005, at the 12th International Conference on Learning, in Granada, Spain, Trules presented a paper entitled:
“Personal Voice Storytelling Bridges the Global Divide, Changing the World 1 Story at a Time”

Workshops in English, but they can be in foreign language with a good translator!